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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Renee's graduation

Renee participated in the PPEA(Pinellas Parent Educators Association) graduation ceremony this morning. It was very nice. She looked so beautiful and poised up on the stage. There were 39 kids participating this year. The kids came to the front of the stage to recieve their"diplomas" and the parents joined them. Dads gave them the scrolls and moms moved the tassles to the other side of the caps and then photos were taken. While the parents and grads stood on stage the MC read a challenge/message that the parents wrote to each child. One boy gave a speech about walking with God through the struggles that will come in life. One girl played her guitar and sang a song which I think she wrote. Another graduate performed with her gospel quintet. That was fun. Then all the grads stood and lit candles while some song about lighting a candle played. The lights were turned off and a lot of people in the audience turned on their cell phones and started waving them. It was pretty funny. Then a prayer for the graduates was offered, which was nice.
Actually there was a opening prayer but we couldn't tell it was a prayer until he said "Amen". Then we felt guilty for not being properly reverent. He was talking about how preachers can't just stand up and offer a prayer without a message and quoting scripture and then he said, "Amen". We aren't used to that kind of praying.
Renee had a little outcast Mormon cheering section. Her friends from church and the neighborhood were there. The YW president was there with her family. Our friends, the Friscos, came. My Aunt and Uncle came and her karate teacher showed up in the parking lot after the whole thing was over with.
He did bring his son and join us at Demen's Landing afterwards for panda Express take-out and cake.
It was fun but tiring. I got a little emotional and of course Chris teased me about it.
Marina is spending the night and we are going to see "Oklahoma" at NEHI tonight.