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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ain't it nice?

I was just looking at an old post on our seminary fb page and was reminded of the award that our stake promised all the kids who finished reading the Book of Mormon last year. It has been almost a year and they have not yet received it. Some of them have left for college. Maybe they will get it when they finish college. Probably not.

It took almost 2 years to get the dvd of photos from the trek. The kids were not allowed to take their own cameras so they had no photos at all until last month.

Last week there was a stake dance but no one knew where it was. I wonder how that went. I don't know if its just because our ward is the black sheep of the stake or if this is a stake wide problem but its pretty crazy. I do know I am not going to promise the kids anything on behalf of the stake anymore.

Lost Blog

I knew I had a blog spot somewhere. I have been thinking of some things I wanted to write about lately and got on here this morning to see if I had one and sure enough...

I thought it was a little more recent but, whatever.

Renee is now attending the Art Institute in Tampa. She is very talented and is finally beginning to realize just how talented. She has been at the head of every class since she started there last fall. Her work from her very first art class is on display at the school and she was told that the best of her photos would not be displayed because they were too good for a first year. Weird.

She finished most of her gen ed classes at our community college before she started at AI, thus saving a few bucks but still it is an expensive school and she was unable to get a grant, which sucks, and is paying with a lot of loans. If anyone hears of any art scholarships or contests that could help reduce these loans, please let us know.

Adding to the financial responsibility, Renee moved into an apartment with her friend, Marina, last May. She seems to enjoy the privacy and the extra room she has now. She still hangs out with us a lot, though. She is still my baby girl. She takes the bus to work and school which is a pain. She wants a car but I don't know how she can afford one right now.

She worked at Dunkin donuts for 2 years and for the past year has been working at Chipotle. Sam has been working for Regal cinema for a year this month. They are both good little workers and made good reputations for themselves.

Sam and Hope are now enrolled in full time Florida Virtual School. They are always struggling to stay on pace. Sam is a straight A student but tends to be habitually behind schedule. She says it is not a problem. Its just the way she operates. Hope is adjusting to a much more intense work load. She is getting much better at it. We had a lot of arguments at the beginning of the year but she is working more independently now - most of the time.

Hope has been dying to go to the Georgia Aquarium for months. For Christmas she gave her dad the money to buy tickets for the two of them. She had saved this by collecting cans and hoarding every penny she could find. Sam is going with them on Valentines day. They are all excited. Renee and I are staying here. She has school and can't miss a day. I have seminary and work.

I suppose there is a lot more to write but for now that will do.