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Thursday, April 27, 2017

weekly blog for business class

This is a tough week.  I hope I have not gotten in over my head with this.  The funny thing is that I thought this class would be fun and programming would be tough.  This week programming was a breeze.

I am feeling pretty comfortable  using adwords so far but all the spreadsheets in my download folder are confusing me.  I spent more time on this class this week than on all my other classes combined and I am still not completely sure how to finish the yellow chart.

I am sooo glad I am not using a mac because my daughter is and she is having a lot of problems.  Her spreadsheets are not lining up properly at all.

So as to snowboards or chess, I think snowboards offer the best numbers - especially Burton snowboards as they have the highest number of impressions(17878.24) with low competition(0.22).