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Thursday, May 11, 2017

B250 Week 4

My computer is still out of commission. The tech I spoke with from HP said the process would take7-9 days. Today makes 8 days and yesterday I got an email saying they should have it back to me by the 19th.  This is really frustrating because the computer is only 4 months old.

Luckily, I was able to complete the spreadsheet for choosing a product thanks to Google sheets.  It worked like a charm.  Thank you Brother Luke. 

Spreadsheets are pretty cool. Hopefully one day I will be good at using them effectively.  The ranking formula did not work for me but everything else went well this week.
I chose a web builder and host - webstarts.  I will be doing a creative blog. My biggest challenge will be to keep up with content.  I have a hard enough time getting school done every week.  I hope to find other people to help provide content.  I hope to make it a spot for creative types and for those who would like to learn new skills.

I am kind of excited but also nervous.  I am not really sure I can make it work.  This is my toughest class because I keep misunderstanding things.  On top of this I am learning html in one class, javascript in another and CSS in another. I feel like this is immersion therapy.  I hope I can actually learn this stuff.  It will be pretty cool if I can.  If not, I guess I chose the wrong path.

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