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Thursday, May 18, 2017

B250 week 5

This week was pretty easy in this class. Its a good thing because one of my other classes had me in tears and I still have not figured it out.  I have been wondering if this whole going back to school thing was a mistake.
So this week we visited my old friend Paypal.  I made a donation button for my website.  This, of course, meant that I actually had to start the website.  It asked for a domain name and the first thing I entered worked.  So it has a name and I had no chance to rethink it.  I am not sure how I feel about it but I hope it was inspiration.
That's it.  I am nervous now about what comes next.

 Earlier in the week, we were asked to find websites like ours to emulate.  Honestly, I did the assignment but I wasn't really happy with anything I found.  I am sure I can learn from other sites who have done things successfully but I want to do things differently - creatively.

It was interesting reading about other ideas from my classmates.

Oh, and, I got an "A" on the big spreadsheet. That was a relief because this semester has been such a struggle so far.  Its good to see I did something right.

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