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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Business 250 week 7 - Keywords

I understand the concept of keywords and their importance when trying to draw customers to your website.  I used to think it was all about being creative and finding a way to get your site to appear near the top of a search result.  I did not realize that you had to pay for this and it kind of makes me angry - not gonna lie.  I know it is progress and someone will find a way to monetize everything so I am not surprised - just ticked that now I am expected to pay for this.

My biggest issue with this is that they use the word "bid".  I am not 100% about this but it seems as if some really fast computer calculations are done every time a search is entered to decide who has the highest bid and who will appear at the top of every search result page.  So considering the fat that there are big businesses out there that can throw a lot of money at this ad stuff, how will my budget get me any results?  Am I throwing money away?

My daughter used to do a blog and she had a very unique name for her blog.  She would appear at the top of a search every time someone put in those words and even near the top if one or 2 of them were used.  My other daughter is an artist and uses a pseudonym when she posts art on any of her active accounts.  If you type in her Pseudonym tons of her images appear right on top because her name is unique.

The problem is that people have to be looking for them or they would not know the words to search for.  I can see the purpose of adwords because people don't look for unique names if they don't know to do so.  I just don't know if my money would be better used elsewhere because I can not afford to spend very much and my bids will always be too low.

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